365 Views of Mt. Fuji

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© 1998 L.J.C. and Todd Shimoda


 L.J.C. and Todd Shimoda collaborated on the initial idea of the story and its structure, which was originally intended to be a CD-ROM. They then worked separately until they completed the text and the artwork. L.J.C. then put the art and text together in the innovative design that is found in the book.  

L.J.C. Shimoda

L.J.C. (Linda) Shimoda was born in Texas and has lived in California, Colorado, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and London, England. She is an artist working in media ranging from pen-and-ink to photography, digital to brush, oil to found-objects. She has shown her work through Asylum Gallery, the Women's Caucus for Art, other juried shows, and several books and magazines. The illustrations in "365 Views of Mt. Fuji" were first conceived while she lived in a small town at the foot of Mt. Fuji. She never felt the need to climb the mountain.

Todd Shimoda

Todd Shimoda is a third-generation Japanese American born in Colorado, and has lived in California, Texas, and Nevada. He also lived and worked in Japan with Linda. He has worked as an engineer, a technical writer, and has published fiction in small-press venues. When not writing he is working on a Ph.D. at the University of California at Berkeley, studying artificial intelligence applications in education. He strongly believes in the saying that everyone should climb Mt. Fuji once, but only a fool climbs it twice.