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Hokusai, a Japanese artist (1760 - 1849), was famous for his landscape wood block prints. His work "One Hundred Views of Mt. Fuji," provided the inspiration for the story and the illustrations in "365 Views of Mt. Fuji." L.J.C. Shimoda interpreted each of Hokusai's 100 views into four of her own, drawing first on his universal theme that something grander, more meaningful is happening in everyday life than the task at hand.

Hokusai depicted this strong belief of his through Mt Fuji - showing the mountain as the strongest element in his scenes, with perhaps only one distracted viewer noticing its power. Hokusai relied on his imagination and spiritual belief in the life-giving power of Fuji to compose his 100 views. This so intrigued and matched a similar belief the artist has in life, she used her imagination and personal interpretation to honor his passion.

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